Hand Made by Mahon
dog leashes

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Our Cable leads are 5 ft long with sliding ring, protective tubbing and snaps on both ends . We attach our snaps to the rings with S hooks so the snap can easily be replaced .
2 snap dog cable lead
3 snap dog cable lead
1" wide Nylon/chain leads are made with 2 ply nylon webbing . They have a snap on each end and a sliding center ring in the middle . The snaps are attached with S hooks and center ring so if the snap wears out in time you can replace it .
Nylon w/chain
2 1/2 ft cable bull dog leads with protective tubbing
Bull dog lead
2 foot 2 ply 3/4 " nylon bull dog lead $3.50
Cable couplers attach to leash to guide more than 1 dog at the same .
Pick your color !!!
2 Dog cable coupler $5.00
3 Dog able coupler $6.00

2 foot cable dog tie outs .

2 foot cable dog tie out $5.00
2 ply 10" nylon catch/control lead.
Youth lead measures 36" from snap to snap
1 1/2 " wide 2 ply nylon with 24" chain only available in black.
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